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Technical Education And Training Department

Updated on: Oct 29, 2015

In the booming industrial scenario of the state, the Technical Education and Training Department of West Bengal play a very important role. With recent growth in all over industrial sector of the state, requirement of competent and knowledgeable human resource is always at a surge. That’s why, this institutions is offering various courses on polytechnic, ITI. ITC, Community Polytechnic and STVT Programs. Main objective of the Technical Education and Training Department of West Bengal are as follows:

  • This training institution wishes to impart training and technical education to students coming from technical background. Through these training programs, this institute wishes to impart enough number of craftsmen and technicians in different disciplines to meet up competent employee requirement of West Bengal
  • This organization aims to organize various types of training programs for both urban and rural students so that they can get employment in different upcoming fields in state level industrial sector.
  • This organization organizes several training programs in order to encourage secondary and higher secondary level candidates towards various jobs and finally result in employment rate growth.
  • Introduction of new disciplines in course structure and enhance absorption capacity of various institutions.

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