Information Technology (IT) Department - West Bengal

Updated on: Oct 29, 2015

Information technology sector of West Bengal is one of the most recognized and respected hubs of the nation. Since almost end of the last decade West Bengal has established itself as one of the fastest growing state in Information Technology business. Behind continuous prosperity of IT sector in this state, the Information Technology Department of West Bengal plays the most important role.
West Bengal IT Department has clearly recognized that since 2010 onwards there will be explosive growth in global IT sector and the IT department takes taken up all initiatives to join this glorious journey. IT sector is completely dependent on intellectual resource and West Bengal is one the richest intellectual hubs of the nation. West Bengal Information Technology Department harmoniously organizes available resources of the state and invests them properly to bring forth future prosperity of the state as well as the nation. Here follows the list of objectives undertaken by Information Technology Department of West Bengal:

  • To rank among top three IT States of India by 2010
  • Contribute 15% - 20% of the country's total IT revenues
  • Create leadership position in executing high value-added IT work - developed through intellectual leadership and supported by Government initiatives
  • IT Enabled Services to create brand value for the state

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